When it comes to couches, many people are left to compromise. They feel they have to decide between the overpriced high-end retail sofa, or the big-box sofa imported from overseas which is likely to fade, flatten, and fall out of style. Additionally, many informed consumers are wary of the harmful chemicals and waste that goes into the production of most couches.
Liberty furniture provides you with American-made quality and style, at a great price that comes directly from the manufacturer. Additionally, you can relax knowing your new sofa is made with sustainable materials, that are free of harmful chemicals.
Liberty couches are made in Los Angeles by American craftsmen and craftswomen. Our process is designed so we can offer you great pricing for excellent furniture. Imagine your home with a couch from Liberty. Or better yet, order now and we’ll get right to work on your new sofa.
The Liberty family has been making couches in Los Angeles for seventy years. We're proud to continue that tradition of quality and service for our customers.

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