Researchers find toxins in 80% of couches

Researchers find toxins in 80% of couches
We looked for a long time for something that didn’t smell like chemicals…
The Question
Recently a friend asked me if I knew anything about toxins in furniture (let’s call her Jennifer).
Jennifer was pregnant with her first and she started looking for safe home products. She was terrified to learn that tons of the products out there had toxic chemicals, from clothing, to toys, and yes, sometimes even your family couch.
It’s a pretty scary thing not knowing if your couch could be the cause of a whole lot of health risks.
I’ve been asked about it by many people over the years, including Jennifer, and the question has become more and more frequent.
The question is: are there chemicals in my couch that can harm my family? The answer of course, depends on where you bought your couch.
But let’s back up for a minute.
Back in the 1970’s, California passed a regulation that would require a base standard of flammability by using flame retardant chemicals in the foam. The intent was a good one – make it harder for furniture to catch on fire and we’d have less fires right?
Unfortunately, sometimes the greatest harm comes from the best intentions.
In order to follow the law, foam and couch makers added flame retardant chemicals to all their furniture. What wasn’t known, was that some of those chemicals were seriously toxic for our health!
A recent study showed that toxins were seen in 80% of the furniture reviewed!
Among other worrisome health risks (like ADHD, asthma, and thyroid problems), the study found that some of the toxins are capable of causing cancer. Not only that, but recently the government found that the standards in the law had “no meaningful protection” against fires!
To quote the old saying, as California goes, so goes the nation, and manufacturers across the U.S. adopted these same standards.
Luckily, people finally got smart about the toxins in their furniture. In 2013, California officials fixed the law to allow for a new base standard that “does not require the use of flame retardant chemicals.”
Unfortunately, there are still many couches and couch makers out there that use the old levels of chemicals.
The Answer
We believe that people should know what they’re buying. They shouldn’t have to guess or do hours of research to find products that are safe for their family and the environment.
We actually just received this email from one of our customers:
“We love the sectional! I looked for a long time for something not made in China and would not smell of chemicals. I was super hopeful when I found your furniture and was not disappointed”!
At Liberty Furniture, the materials we use have NO TOXINS and NO CHEMICALS. So you can lean back and get cozy knowing that your couch is the safe space you deserve.
Now that you know about the risks out there, you can finally make an informed decision about the furniture in your living room.
Order some free fabric swatches today and see how great Liberty’s toxic-free furniture would look in your home.
Wishing you comfy and cozy living,
Liberty Team

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