How many trees are in your couch?

How many trees are in your couch?
As you might guess, wood is a big ingredient in the making of a couch (more than 60% to be exact!). But wood, or forests I should say, are a key ingredient to human survival.
Forests play a huge part in filtering the air we breathe and the water we drink.
Believe it or not, cutting down trees actually extends the cycle of pollution. But looking beyond the environmental and health impacts, almost 50% of the world’s species call forests home.
The consumption of wood and forest products isn’t to be taken lightly.
Today, using forest products is pretty much unavoidable. From the cups holding your Starbucks, to the boxes from Amazon, to the furniture in your living room.
Simply stopping the use of forest products is unrealistic and maybe impossible.
So as a couch shopper, how do you know you’re buying from a company that values sustainability? How do you know what to look for?
That’s where the Forest Stewardship Council comes in.
The FSC is a non-profit that is now the gold-standard for responsible forest management. Their certification means that forest management is environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable.
The FSC vision is that we can meet the current needs for forest products without compromising the health of the world’s forests for future generations. Thanks to groups like the FSC, over the last 50 years, areas of forests where cutting is allowed has remained largely the same, while areas where the forests are protected has actually increased!
As the demand for sustainable products has increased, the FSC has been able to harness the power of the market to make sure forests are managed right.
This means that since more people want it, more groups have taken steps to improve their sustainable footprint.  
At Liberty, we source our wood from FSC certified tree farms – where trees are planted and replanted to make sure that no more forest land is harmed.
We’re happy to be doing our part to keep our forests around, and you can rest easy on a Liberty couch knowing that you’re part of the solution.  
When you shop for your couch, be sure to ask if their wood is FSC certified.
Order some free fabric swatches today and see how great Liberty’s sustainable furniture would look in your home.
Wishing you comfy and cozy living, 
Liberty Team

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